Audra Angelique

All me. Welcome.
This is my version of the classic Cole Porter tune.
I wrote all of these tunes and am performing them with my band LIVE on KDHX.
I wrote this with one of my favorite collaborators, the incredible pianist – Dave Becherer
This is my brother, Zane Fischer’s, tune – I am just on chorus vocals.
This is my version of the classic Italian lullaby.


For over 25 years Audra Angelique has entranced audiences through musical theatre, opera and through her own unique style and unmistakable sound. A performance artist at heart, The Audra Angelique Experience has become her platform for a new united sound of neo-soul & nu-jazz melodies, tribal Latin & African beats, hip-hop flavor and world house remixes.

Audra Angelique first stepped on the stage at the age of 3. Continuing to perform around the United States, Audra currently resides in St. Louis, MO where she has been labeled a “soul phenomenon” by KDHX (88.1 FM). Legendary radio personality Johnny Rabbitt recently compared Audra Angelique to the great Etta James (KMOX). Featured in St. Louis’s legendary Ralph Butler Band, Audra has also shared the stage with famed piano virtuoso Ben Kim, Tom Grant, Patrick Lamb, Al Caldwell & Miss America 2001, Katie Harmon.

A seasoned performer and award winner, Audra was chosen to record the Harriet Tubman vocal parts as well as perform the vocals in the Broadway Workshop for the new musical “Freedom” in New York City. Ms. Angelique has been cast in numerous musicals including; “Honk” (six different characters), award winning “Wonderbroads” (five characters), “Phantom” (Flora) and “Hedwig & The Angry Inch” (Itzak). Winner of the Young Artist Concert, 1999, Audra “brought the house down” (The Oregonian) with Bernstein’s “Glitter & Be Gay” along with the Oregon Symphony.

Audra continues this undeniable passion and conviction in her music which flows from not only her voice, but also from her soul – wrapping around the hearts and minds of her audience.

Above all Audra seeks to aid in human understanding and acceptance: “Only when people truly unify their intentions shall we be on our way to a true consciousness shift in humanity. Unite. Uniting will bring about change in the most positive light you can imagine”.

Audra Angelique is continuing to harness her creativity through her original music, strong-unique style & sound and live performance throughout the country and soon, throughout the world.

“Music is the most important factor in the development of the human brain” –Audra Angelique